this week in the studio!

Its half term holidays this week, so keeping on top of things here in the studio has been tricky!

however we have managed a bit of doodling of new designs - more on those when the samples come in!  had a little sale!  find out whats left here and grab yourself a bargain!  and revamped a few of our webpages to include our lovely  torcello linens  

torcello linen

torcello linen

and beautiful herringbone - which we can't stop adding colours to!!!

baby herringbone.jpg

we also had a visit from the lovely Carrie Smith from Flohr and Co, who was down here visiting her parents so popped in with her gorgeous daughter to say hi! 

We made some extra special biscuits - that are known in our house as "daddy biscuits" because my husbands mother used to make loads of them to take on their annual family camping trip! they were one of the first things my daughter Bella learned to cook. 

I have made a few alterations to the original recipe because i dont really use margarine! and i wanted to add a bit of fruit, below is the basic recipe, with my additions below!

4 0z porridge oats

3 oz plain flour

1 oz desiccated coconut (i use unsweetened)

4 oz butter

4 oz sugar - (i use unrefined caster or light muscavado)

1 tbs golden syrup (i tried this with a true tbs measure, but it wasn't enough so now i use a big old fashioned spoon! - if you are suing a tbs measure put in 2!)

i/2 teaspoon bicarbonate soda dissolved in 1 desertspoon of hot water - dont miss this out its what makes the biscuits go all crinkly chewy yummy!!

additions to elevate from 70s status!

a handful of dried cranberries , or dried chopped apricots, or sultanas

a handful of toasted pumpkin seeds

a small handful dark chocolate chips

melt, butter, sugar syrup over a medium heat, mix in the dry ingredients mix in the bicarb and water mix. 

dollop walnut size balls on a baking sheet - with plenty of space in between (covering the baking sheet with a teflon liner will make cleaning up a million times easier). bake in a medium oven (about 150 - 180 degrees depending on your oven) check them after 6 mins, - they vary but need watching as they burn super quickly. when they are golden take the tray out of the oven and leave to cool on the tray till they firm up a bit, then transfer to a cooling rack to fully set.

They dont keep brilliantly - you need to keep them in a tin with greaseproof between each layer or you will have a clump like flapjack! 

Have a happy weekend everybody x