Summer snippets and travels in France

I’m so looking forward to our annual family hols this summer. We are travelling back to the Lot et Garonne region of south west France; one of our favourite destinations.

We are going back to what I consider to be one of the most perfect campsites we’ve ever been to, not because it has lots of activities , or an amazing restaurant , or entertainments - for precisely the opposite reason! It is small, friendly, and beautiful.

It’s called La Parenthese les ormes and it is my children favourite place on the planet! The campsite is in the trees, in the bowl of a valley. The communal spaces are all very stylish with painted wooden furniture in driftwood tones and the bar and restaurant have big communal tables serving simple and delicious food. The kids love it because they always make masses of friends and have total freedom to potter around on their bikes. if Boden did camping I think it would be like this!


There is a market each day, in one or other of the Bastide towns which pepper this region. We pootle off in the morning to the market, select something fresh and delicious to eat for the day, pick up some local wine, stop for a coffee and maybe a pastry and then come back to the campsite and relax for the rest of the day lying in the hammock and reading or swimming.

There are also lots of vide greniers (car boot/ brocante type things) where you can sometimes pick up a bargain - I’m still annoyed with myself that I didn’t bring back the 2 lovely big white soup tureens I found last time ! i’ve added a little link here , so that if you are off to France in the summer, you can search vide greniers by area.


In the evenings the Bastide towns come alive again with the lovely Marche Nocturnes, where local farmers come and set up in the square and cook local specialities such as duck, and vineyards set up stands selling their wine. It took me a few attempts to work out that the French families all take their cutlery, crockery and wine glasses with them! So now we join in and sit at long communal tables chattering to French families, Dutch families and English families, while the children dance along to whichever band is providing the evening entertainment!


More often than not we will head to the beach for a few days on our way home, and our favourite destination for this is Ile de Re. it has lovely clean beaches and you can cycle everywhere. The food is pretty great too - especially if you are a seafood lover! Oysters, moules frites and chilled white wine! Ile de Re is a design lovers dream, because everywhere you go you will see pretty white houses with soft pastel chalky coloured shutters, and masses of hollyhocks everywhere .


I love my garden here in Gloucestershire and love visiting other gardens at home and abroad, my favourites in France that we have visited are the amazing gardens at Villandry, in the Loire valley, Monet’s Garden at Giverney (My top tip for this one, would be too book advance on line , we queued for hours to get in and had very annoyed kids by the time we got in). Also, the gorgeous gardens of Marqueyssac in the Dordogne .

Wherever you head off to on your travels this summer, whether it is home or abroad enjoy it!

You can follow our travels on Instagram here .


spring in the garden

It’s at this time of year that my thoughts start to turn to the neglected view out of my window. I love gardens, but I’m not the greatest of gardeners; I lack the required patience. I want instant results and I don’t like doing battle with slugs!!  That said, I do like to while away a spring Sunday preparing beds and and planning . We have a large garden and we don’t manage it very well. My mother in law was a brilliant gardener and always had good ideas for ours. Since she died we haven’t really moved forward with it. I know what I want which is Hidcote Gardens on a smaller scale! I might have to reign in my ambitions for now!


I love having cut flowers in the house, and while there’s something wonderful about an enormous bouquet of freshly picked blooms, I’m equally pleased with a single stem in a little vessel sitting above the sink or on the dining table. I often pick up old teacups, glasses and tiny cases in the charity shop for precisely this purpose. it’s amazing how just a single sprig of blossom or twig of magnolia or a single rose can bring such joy .


Peonies must be one of the easiest things to grow; they don’t seem to require any intervention - well they certainly don’t get any in my garden! Even though their season is short they are the gift that keeps on giving. A big jar of peonies makes me smile every time I look at it.

Sarah Hardaker Izzi Shell Pink curtain with fabric on the table in Zia Citrine and Dashi Indigo  copy 4.jpg

David Austin roses are a must in my garden. We have about ten bushes; mainly the heavenly scented Gertrude Jekyll, the beautiful moss rose, William Lobb and the very delicate, Mortimer Sackler . Gertrude Jekyll is fabulous for cutting, and William Lobb changes from a vivid deep pink to a papery purple over time.


I don’t think you can go wrong with seeking inspiration from the wonderful Sarah Raven.  She is my first port of call for seeds, small plants and veg.  Her beautiful catalogues are a riot of colour. 

Photo: Sarah Raven

Photo: Sarah Raven

So, this year i’m not going to be ridiculously over ambitious, and do a few things well. I’m planning a smallish cutting patch in one of our old veggie beds, with beautiful scented sweet peas,  zinnias and dahlias -all of which suffer from a munching from the slugs. I might grow these in some big zinc washtubs on the terrace and plant lots of bright cosmos in the cutting bed. 

Photo: Sarah Raven

Photo: Sarah Raven

Photo: Sarah Raven

Photo: Sarah Raven

Photo: Sarah Raven

Photo: Sarah Raven

Photo: Sarah Raven

Photo: Sarah Raven

Photo: Sarah Raven

Photo: Sarah Raven

For veg this year i’m sticking to salad leaves, tomatoes, (my favourites are Sun Gold, Black Cherry, Tigerella, Yellow Pear and Gardeners Delight), baby cucumbers and red Russian kale. All of them are easy to grow and don’t require masses of maintenance.


I grow my tomatoes and baby cucumbers in the greenhouse in these very handy collars which make watering super easy.


Photo credits: Sarah Hardaker (unless marked up otherwise).

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

I’m slightly amazed that I’ve managed to write a Christmas blog post.  It’s our busiest time of year with private clients needing finishing touches of curtains and soft furnishing for Christmas and interior design customers frantically finishing checks on deadlines for their clients.  Added to this we have 2 birthdays, wreath making workshops at Highgrove and Water Lane Workshops and Amberley Artisans thrown in to the mix!!  


Poor old family have had to have a lot of shop bought mince pies so far  (my Nanny would be positively spinning!) but I’ve pulled my finger out and made some mincemeat this weekend.  I use a sort of hybrid recipe - a bit of a mixture of Delia, Sarah Raven and a few bits of this and that! I like to make lots because it’s a nice gift to take to people and it’s always useful to have plenty in if you want to knock up a quick batch of mince pies for unexpected Christmas visitors.  

With this in mind, I thought I would share some mince pie ideas as well as the mincemeat recipe. Im fairly free and easy with my dried fruit in these, for example I don’t often have currants so I usually use a mixture of sultanas , raisins, dried apricots, prunes and figs, but feel free to do whatever you like; cranberries are good in there as are dried cherries.

Makes about 6-8 jars depending on the size of your jars!

500g of bramley apples grated coarsely

1kg dried fruit - I use a mix of sultanas, raisins, chopped up dried apricots, figs and prunes - make sure over half is raisins and sultanas and then fill up with the rest .

200g chopped mixed peel

50g whole almonds chopped up

4 teaspoons of mixed spice

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

a few gratings of nutmeg

175g dark brown sugar

175g light brown sugar ( you can use one or the other I always mix both but it doesn’t make a massive difference)

zest and juice of 2 oranges

zest and juice of 2 lemons

About 6 tablespoons of brandy (I also add a couple of tablespoons of marsala or sherry or port or madeira - just because I like it!!)

220g suet (use vegetarian if you prefer)

Simply get a massive mixing bowl and mix it all together , and let it sit overnight with a tea towel over it. Then decant it into sterilised jars. (I put them through a hot wash in the dishwasher and then dry them upside down in the oven for about 10mins to sterilise) , label and you’re done!


My children love little tiny bitesize shortbread mince pies .  And Mr H favours ones with marzipan stars on the top!  My one top tip would be not to over stuff your pastry with mincemeat as it does have a tendency to bubble up and then if it spills over you end up with the pies welded to the tin - deeply frustrating !


Fellow designer and all round lovely lady, Tamzin McGillen recently posted a gorgeous picture on her Instagram (- i’ve sneaked it in below,) of her delicious looking frangipane mine pies - i’m definitely trying that recipe - you can find a copy of the one Tamzin used her at BBC good food .


New collection and a love of colour.

Sometimes a design or a collection  just spills out of you with the greatest of ease.  Other times it’s laboured and hard work.  If a design becomes laboured and I feel that I have to keep redoing it, I know from experience it’s going to be a dud!  I’m thrilled to launch our new collection Zephyr, (thanks to Katy Easey marketing and PR for doing the naming), and I’m pleased to say it was one of those collections that evolved into ‘rightness’ in the blink of an eye.  From sketches I did on holiday to doodling in the studio with Indian ink.  This was a collection that was borne of just enjoying painting and creating. It makes me smile that I kept remembering my old boss, Antony Little, telling me to go and design something I would like in my own house, when I worked for him and was struggling to fit in.  Out of that discussion the seeds of their Lamorna collection were sown, and it was the same principle that I applied to this collection. I hope you like it ….


The lovely Dashi design was a tiny coordinate I had been playing around with that was loosely based on stitches. For those of you who don’ t know, my background was in embroidery, which is something I still love, and do whenever I get the chance, Its funny as sometimes the designs with the least in them are the most successful. I think Dashi will be one of those designs. It is timeless and really easy to use.


I did the original artwork for Fern while I was sitting in the sunshine in France; all was peaceful after lunch on our campsite. The kids had taken themselves off to the pool, Mr H was snoozing in the hammock and I sat under a tree and doodled away; drawing some stylised fern shapes based on something growing in the hedge!

I really like hand painting my artwork and do as little as possible with it once its painted, you can see from the print on fabric that all of my wobbly brush marks are still there, you can also see when i’ve loaded the brush again by the heavier colour.

Photo 30-11-2017, 12 30 49.jpg

Izzi (above) is a really pretty and airy, slightly graphic, floral. It is in fact based on our very popular Suzi design but printed in reverse in softer colours. Its very light and breezy and looks totally different to Suzi.


Flora (above right) is a really pretty and quite large, meandering trail design. it comes as a single colour and a multicolour, I was just going to print it as a single colour, a little bit like a modern take on a toile, when my daughter Bella said she would really like to see what it looked like with pink flowers and blue leaves so we did a couple of multicolours too, including her pink and ink version (see below ) and the citrine and grey version above.

Zia (above left), is a really lovely little hand painted geometric. Im not very good with what I would call hard geometrics, I like things to look a bit soft and wobbly. You can watch me putting the finishing touches to Zia design here . You can also listen to the radio 4 news which is on in the background!)

flora dashi zia indigo pink citrine flower .JPG

Izzi is a really pretty and airy slightly graphic floral. it is in fact based on our very popular Suzi design, but printed in reverse in softer colours. It is very light and breezy and looks totally different to Suzi.

local artists and lovely gardens

may is always one of my favourite months in the Stroud valleys, the hedgerows billow with clouds of cow parsley, and drifts of buttercups light up the common.  it is also the month of open studios, where artists, designers, potters and makers open their doors and welcome visitors.

Kate Loveday is one of my favourite local artists, her paintings are very popular and there is always a queue outside her door on the first day.

Photo 06-05-2017, 11 27 00.jpg

Kates paintings appeal to the textile designer in me I think, the colour and composition and mark making are just beautiful.

The inspiration for Kates paintings can be seen all around her beautiful home. I have been going to Kates open studio since we fist moved here over 10 years ago and I have always been inspired by her beautiful home. Pale walls are a foil for colourful collections which appear here and there in the paintings - a spotty jug, a tile tray or a row of pebbles.

Everything about kates exhibition is a feast for the eyes,  open  the big pale green wooden gate and creep down the narrow high walled passageway  into Kates beautiful walled garden, where her lovely wisteria clad house stands with the door open to welcome you into the exhibition. Kates paintings are displayed in all of the downstairs rooms which is such a lovely way to view paintings as you can get a real sense of scale and how they look in a real room setting.

for information or directions please see the stroud open studios website here

there are a plethora of super talented artists in the stroud valleys so you could make a day of it! its the farmers market on a Saturday where you can feast on some fabulous food - my top tips are salt bakehouse pop up in the foyer of John st SVA  and the wonderful felafel people in the market  - I promise you , you won't leave hungry! happy weekend!

learn to make soft furnishings in beautiful Tetbury

Without a doubt starting this business over 10 years ago has led me on a journey. There have been ups and downs as there are with any business, but one of the best things about it has been meeting some really lovely people along the way. 

One of them is Helen Izzard who runs Helen Izzard designs in Somerset. If you are an instagrammer you can follow Helens lovely photos here. 

Helen Izzard sarah hardaker

When we bumped into each other twice in one week at the end of September Helen was telling me about the workshops she is holding in the beautiful market town of Tetbury in 2017. Perfect for anyone wanting to learn how to make their own soft furnishings. 

I asked Helen what prospective students would cover on the 2 day courses

"Students work on their own projects from start to finish, so measuring, pattern repeats and hand sewing etc etc.  Generally, we get a mixture of curtains, roman blinds and cushions, so although it says curtains and blinds, we can cover a mix, and each student will have their own ideas and I guide them through.  I try to encourage small to medium projects due to room and also so that they can achieve a lot in 2 days."

if you would like more information about the workshops please contact Helen at she can also supply a range of beautiful British fabrics for you to make into your soft furnishing project. 

Helen Izzard workshops

a little TV moment

June is such an inspiring time here in the studio, the roses in the garden are in full flower and its the time of year that we do all of our colouring for our annual trade show Decorex. 

We had a lovely visit  from Country Homes and Interiors magazine, who popped by to spend a day in the studio. We had such a fun day laughing and chatting (and eating!!) that I forgot to be nervous about making a gaffe!!  

I hope you like this lovely little film about life in the Sarah Hardaker studio.  


Huge thanks to the wonderful team at Country Homes and Interiors for your continued kindness and support.  



foraging fun

this little post should really have been published a few weeks ago, however as always life gets in the way of doing beautiful things like blogging! 

The woodlands surrounding our house are filled with white whirls of wild garlic, 

Anyway for those of you with any wild garlic filling the woodlands around you , here are a few little weekend recipes for putting it to good use!

one of my favourites is wild garlic pesto.

i dont really measure i do it by eye! 

so you need a couple of big handfuls of wild garlic leaves - well washed and dried in a salad spinner or on a tea towel. a handful of fresh basil - stalks leaves and all, a handful of roasted almonds (cheaper than pine nuts yet just as tasty!) a handful of grated parmesan or pecorino, a good glug of olive oil and a pinch of seasalt. (NOTICE NO CLOVE OF GARLIC - THE WILD GARLIC LEAVES ARE GARLICKY ENOUGH). 

put all of the ingredients into a food processor and blitz together adding a dribble more oil if needed till you get a consistency you like. - I have quite a powerful processor so if yours isn't give the nuts a quick whizz first to break them down a bit.

when you've made your pesto you can use it on pasta, under the skin of a chicken before roasting, dribbled over a tomato and mozzarella salad, or in these little cheese sable biscuits.

blitz equal quantities of flour, grated cheese and butter in the processor till a ball of soft buttery dough comes together. flatten it out on to a piece of greaseproof paper and spread with your wild garlic pesto, then roll up into a sausage shape , wrap in the peer and refrigerate for at least an hour. when the dough has chilled, unwrap it and slice into discs about half a cm thick and bake in a medium oven till just golden. - BE WARNED THESE ARE SERIOUSLY ADDICTIVE!

wild garlic flowers make the most delicious fritters served with a chilled glass of wine!

mix equal quantities (i use 1/4 cup measure) of plain flour and cornflour in a roomy bowl, season and whisk in very chilled lager till you have the consistency of double cream. heat a good 3cm  sunflower oil in a small pan and deep fry your fritters a few at a time, sprinkle with a bit of seasalt and fresh ground pepper and serve with some sweet chilli sauce to dip into!

I'm sorry - i didn't get an after shot because my greedy family scoffed all of the fritters before i could photograph them!!!


Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!!!

We've been out and about a lot over the last few weeks. Lots of quotes and schemes and meeting with clients. We did manage to squeeze in a trip to Cornwall in the camper with a bunch of great friends.  Dotty our camper van is rather fetchingly decked out in our polka dot fabric!


Because we are West Country based Cornwall isn't such an ordeal travel wise - like it was when we lived in Lancashire. So we were there in time for lunch at Nathan outlaws fish kitchen in a very wet and windy port Isaac - which was delicious and highly recommended. The food is a short and seasonal changing menu of interesting small plates.  We had baked Porthilly oysters with smoked bacon and cheese crumbs, pickled herrings with fennel and orange, sole with purple sprouting and brown shrimps, and the kids had fabulous sole fillet sandwiches on sourdough with shoestring fries , YUM!!

When the weather is good the British seaside is hard to beat and Cornwall has so much for offer

 from  rocky coves (Port Isaac)

to picturesque fishing harbours (Mousehole) ,

the wonderful sandy surfing beach at Polzeath

and the achingly beautiful light in St Ives.

Added to that the attraction of a chance meeting with Captain Poldark (…sigh……. !!!) its a great place for a break by the sea!! Cornwall particularly has really stepped it up a notch on the food front too (as we know food plays a huge part in the life of our family!) here are a few of my favourite locations for fab food in Cornwall.

The Gurnards Head

The Porthminster beach cafe

The Coastguard

Rick Steins chippy (try the deep fried oysters with a pot of homemade aoili)

all this talk of the seaside is making me feel distinctly nautical!  for details out our stars, semaphores, sparkle and anchors fabrics click on the links.


this and that this week!

I honestly dont know where the weeks are going at the moment! We seem to be racing towards easter at a rate of knots!

we have been very busy getting some pretty mothers day orders out to customers.

I am hoping this year for some little succulents for mothers day this year rather than the traditional flowers. I am loving these little plants so much at the moment!

i am sure the colours of this little plant that i photographed at wild at heart in london must have inspired the colour for our new colour way of chinoiserie chalk, - watch this space lots of lovely colours to be added to the website over the next week or two!


Australian florist  Helen Leighton (who i had the pleasure of meeting last year) has a fabulous pinboard of succulent wedding ideas on pinterest. I love the idea of them in mixed bouquets.

succulants 3.jpg

…….talking of flowers and all things mothers day, my lovely friend Paul from the fabulous florist Petal to the Metal, is popping up in Paul Smiths iconic flagship store in Londons Floral St this weekend. London followers will be able to nip into Paul Smith store and pick up a fabulous mothers day bunch. If you can 't make it to london then you can follow Paul on pinterest or instagram .

I am yearning for a bit of sunshine at the moment and keep thinking about holidays. When my lovely parents in law were alive we used to meet them in Sicily every year for a week in october, my father in law was the vicar of the anglican church in Taormina in October each year! So i really enjoyed reading Liz from the red bistro blog post about a recent trip to Sicily. Her photos really do encapsulate the unspoilt beauty of Sicily.


Liz is an amazing cook who lives in Malta, you can follow her blog here, its a little ray of sunshine on a wintery day!


Hope you all have a fun filled weekend, and a happy mothers day to all of the lovely mummies out there .

heres a little quote to end on ………

this and that this week!

Happy weekend one and all, hope you have had a good week!

We' ve been busy colouring up new designs and getting tonnes of samples out following quite a lot of mentions in the press this month. You can click here to have a gander!

We have sold loads of our scrap bags - there are still a couple left in the sale here - and we will add a few more over the next few weeks. We made this little board on pinterest for ideas of things to make with scraps of fabrics.

this week thanks to my clever friend Dr H,  I discovered a great app called which you can use to read favourite blogs on ipad phone etc  - makes my breakfast reading nice and simple! - you can even follow is in there! - i will have to ask Helen for some instructions on how to do it though!!!!

Those of you who know me well will know that i am a hugely greedy foody!! (i do love this quote by julia child!)

I follow lots of Bristol based food people on twitter and pinterest so was thrilled to come across the work of  photographer kirsty young this week on twitter,

she does a lot of food photography for one of my favourite south west foodie magazines called crumbs she also writes a lovely blog filled with inspirational photography you can read it here.  

this months crumbs magazine has a great article about one of my favourite chefs too - Bob and his family from Made by bob in Cirencester .

enjoy your weekend and may it be filled with food and friends and family!!


soft and beautiful

we have been working on some lovely collaborations recently with a great lady called Hanna who owns a fabulous interiors company Stenvall interiors. Our paths crossed when we took part in the SIT open studios, and we got on straightway. 

Hanna grew up in Sweden and she restores vintage swedish and french furniture, she has a fabulous eye for detail and a love of linen that is similar to my own. (if the MD of harlequin were reading this he would groan as i was always trying to get him to print my designs on luscious natural linens when i was designing for them - i think he felt i was linen obsessed!) So its always nice to find a fellow obsessive!

Hanna has a great eye for colour and style - as can be seen in her stunning Gloucestershire home - all designed and built by herself and her husband.

hanna bureau.jpg

Hanna has recently finished this beautiful commission in our delfine fabric - faded pink.

This one was made in a pink linen specially sourced from belgium after an exhaustive search for a perfect greyed off pink.


One day last year we got chatting and it turns out that we both love embroidered fabrics and monograms, so we got our heads together to create a few bespoke pieces for her clients.

Lovely for me as i dont often get to brush off my embroidery skills. ( to the slight horror of my parents I did a degree in embroidery….back in the day!)

if you would like a monogram on one of Hannas beds or chairs you can  contact hanna here  

and watch this space for some more embroidered cushions and lampshades - since you'll seem to have loved them on instagram

this week in the studio!

Its half term holidays this week, so keeping on top of things here in the studio has been tricky!

however we have managed a bit of doodling of new designs - more on those when the samples come in!  had a little sale!  find out whats left here and grab yourself a bargain!  and revamped a few of our webpages to include our lovely  torcello linens  

torcello linen

torcello linen

and beautiful herringbone - which we can't stop adding colours to!!!

baby herringbone.jpg

we also had a visit from the lovely Carrie Smith from Flohr and Co, who was down here visiting her parents so popped in with her gorgeous daughter to say hi! 

We made some extra special biscuits - that are known in our house as "daddy biscuits" because my husbands mother used to make loads of them to take on their annual family camping trip! they were one of the first things my daughter Bella learned to cook. 

I have made a few alterations to the original recipe because i dont really use margarine! and i wanted to add a bit of fruit, below is the basic recipe, with my additions below!

4 0z porridge oats

3 oz plain flour

1 oz desiccated coconut (i use unsweetened)

4 oz butter

4 oz sugar - (i use unrefined caster or light muscavado)

1 tbs golden syrup (i tried this with a true tbs measure, but it wasn't enough so now i use a big old fashioned spoon! - if you are suing a tbs measure put in 2!)

i/2 teaspoon bicarbonate soda dissolved in 1 desertspoon of hot water - dont miss this out its what makes the biscuits go all crinkly chewy yummy!!

additions to elevate from 70s status!

a handful of dried cranberries , or dried chopped apricots, or sultanas

a handful of toasted pumpkin seeds

a small handful dark chocolate chips

melt, butter, sugar syrup over a medium heat, mix in the dry ingredients mix in the bicarb and water mix. 

dollop walnut size balls on a baking sheet - with plenty of space in between (covering the baking sheet with a teflon liner will make cleaning up a million times easier). bake in a medium oven (about 150 - 180 degrees depending on your oven) check them after 6 mins, - they vary but need watching as they burn super quickly. when they are golden take the tray out of the oven and leave to cool on the tray till they firm up a bit, then transfer to a cooling rack to fully set.

They dont keep brilliantly - you need to keep them in a tin with greaseproof between each layer or you will have a clump like flapjack! 

Have a happy weekend everybody x


keeping up!

… as promised i am trying to catch you up on our busy days!

one of my other resolutions this year is to try and have some time off on weekends.

running your own business and managing it around the pressures of parenthood inevitably means working odd hours. it is so easy to nip into the studio on a weekend to finish the bits and bobs that dont get down in the week. So i have been trying not to. 


the arrival of cabbage the puppy has got us all out walking much more - to and from school and all of us as a family on weekends. 

i have also been trying to cook everything we eat from scratch - not always possible but i am having a go - I've been trying to avoid refined wheat and sugar and eat more whole grains and natural foods. - have a look at the recipes i have been collecting on my whole foods board on  pinterest. I am no angel and i should give up alcohol along with the wheat and sugar but a pub walk is a weekend necessity! 

all images are from my pinterest whole foods board and the links will take you back to original sources.

i have been enjoying the recipes from hugh fw light and easy, deliciously ella and honestly healthy 

catching up!

hello, and happy valentines day

it feels a long time since i have been here, we have had a very busy few months both work and personally! 

Anyway one of my new years resolutions was to be a better blogger - when Jo and I used to blog over at Hardaker and Pope we were really good about posting every few days! Lobster and Swan - my favourite blog is brilliant at regular posting and has hundreds of thousands of readers as a result!  so with that in mind i thought i would try and catch you up on some of the new things we have been upto - though it might take a few weeks!

I have been doing  a photography course which has been really interesting - but quite tricky on the technicals - i have been in class with 2 lovely business ladies who i know - kerrie who is the inspirational businesswoman behind pins and ribbons

and verity from rascal and roses (who knew  that a girl who creates such pretty things was in the army!!!!) I am hoping you will see some improvement in my photography skills over the coming weeks!

I have also developed an addiction to instagram - so if you are an instagrammer come and join us here. It goes hand in hand with my pinterest addiction i do love all things visual.

i have had a couple of pinterest finds lately - and have been particularly enjoying these boards 

from  quayside furniture above

and Myrtle Bank below

check back in for more new things, and also a little bit about who we have been collaborating with lately…..lots to tell!