soft and beautiful

we have been working on some lovely collaborations recently with a great lady called Hanna who owns a fabulous interiors company Stenvall interiors. Our paths crossed when we took part in the SIT open studios, and we got on straightway. 

Hanna grew up in Sweden and she restores vintage swedish and french furniture, she has a fabulous eye for detail and a love of linen that is similar to my own. (if the MD of harlequin were reading this he would groan as i was always trying to get him to print my designs on luscious natural linens when i was designing for them - i think he felt i was linen obsessed!) So its always nice to find a fellow obsessive!

Hanna has a great eye for colour and style - as can be seen in her stunning Gloucestershire home - all designed and built by herself and her husband.

hanna bureau.jpg

Hanna has recently finished this beautiful commission in our delfine fabric - faded pink.

This one was made in a pink linen specially sourced from belgium after an exhaustive search for a perfect greyed off pink.


One day last year we got chatting and it turns out that we both love embroidered fabrics and monograms, so we got our heads together to create a few bespoke pieces for her clients.

Lovely for me as i dont often get to brush off my embroidery skills. ( to the slight horror of my parents I did a degree in embroidery….back in the day!)

if you would like a monogram on one of Hannas beds or chairs you can  contact hanna here  

and watch this space for some more embroidered cushions and lampshades - since you'll seem to have loved them on instagram