catching up!

hello, and happy valentines day

it feels a long time since i have been here, we have had a very busy few months both work and personally! 

Anyway one of my new years resolutions was to be a better blogger - when Jo and I used to blog over at Hardaker and Pope we were really good about posting every few days! Lobster and Swan - my favourite blog is brilliant at regular posting and has hundreds of thousands of readers as a result!  so with that in mind i thought i would try and catch you up on some of the new things we have been upto - though it might take a few weeks!

I have been doing  a photography course which has been really interesting - but quite tricky on the technicals - i have been in class with 2 lovely business ladies who i know - kerrie who is the inspirational businesswoman behind pins and ribbons

and verity from rascal and roses (who knew  that a girl who creates such pretty things was in the army!!!!) I am hoping you will see some improvement in my photography skills over the coming weeks!

I have also developed an addiction to instagram - so if you are an instagrammer come and join us here. It goes hand in hand with my pinterest addiction i do love all things visual.

i have had a couple of pinterest finds lately - and have been particularly enjoying these boards 

from  quayside furniture above

and Myrtle Bank below

check back in for more new things, and also a little bit about who we have been collaborating with lately…..lots to tell!