back in the studio

Its always hard getting back into work mode (especially when the children are still off school!)

i have been clinging to the last vestiges of summer and reminding myself of all the yummy food in the market in ile de re - we had such delicious camping lunches

 i am inspired to keep it going now we are back with lots of salads from our garden!

and it seems as though so has everybody else has been hanging on to the last days of summer too - as our nauticals have been really popular this week.

the gorgeous  cushions in the bottom left picture are made by my friend Ceri at White Mulberry soft furnishings - have a check out of her website.  we will be featuring some more of ceri's lovely work in a forthcoming post!

I dont think any working mums find life easy - and its often difficult to get the balance right! 

so in between working this week we have been to giffords circus (a wonderful event and if you are in the cotswolds in the summer time it is well worth a visit - its a really traditional beautiful old fashioned show and i LOVE it every year!!)

However I have had design ideas pouring out of me this week, so i have been trying to get those down on paper at the same time as colouring our new designs for decorex and sorting out new product / accessories samples which have been arriving for christmas!

its nice to be back on my mac and indulge my pinterest passion!

this quote was one of my favourites of the week!