finishing touches

We are putting the finishing touches to the inside of our new studio today in time for opening our doors for Stroud International Textiles open studios. Currently it is a beautiful white cube and i am almost loathed to fill it up with all of my boxes and bits and bobs - Mr Hs hair rather stood on end (what there is left!) after I suggested that perhaps i keep the existing studio in our attic as a storeroom and only partially move in to my beautiful inspiring white space!!

if you are able to pop over and see us over the next 2 weekends it would be lovely to meet you. there are some fabulous designers and makers opening their studios all over the stroud valleys.

Here are a few of my favourites

Polly lyster - there is a lovely blog post about her here 

Matthew Harris

If not  then you can watch me and some of the other artists talking about craft in our practice here.